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SOMBRERO proposes to train humanoid robots (Nina and Roméo) i.e. provide them with sociocommunicative abilities by immersive teleoperation i.e. “beaming” of human pilots. The SOMBRERO project has three main objectives:

Realize beaming experiments involving adults interacting with a humanoid robot in cooperative, situated and finalized tasks. The targeted task is a series of tests used in neuropsychological records. We focus on the socio-communicative behavior that should accompany the monitoring of the task, i.e. the correct comprehension of the instructions, the seamless execution of the task by the interlocutor, the positive feedback and encouragement given along the performance, correction of errors, misunderstandings or precisions,

Develop and implement autonomous socio-communicative behaviors into the robot cognitive architecture via statistical modeling of the multimodal behaviors monitored during the prior robotmediated interactions,

Assess these behaviors and the achieved social embodiment with acceptance measures and analysis of user attitudes.



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