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The aim of this project is to augment and amplify human intelligence by artificial intelligence. In particular, we propose and develop Learning Cyclotron (LeCycl), a framework which monitors and actuates their learning processes. The cyclotron of LeCycl is a framework in which learners acquire knowledge with the following three steps: perceive (e.g., reading a textbook), master (e.g., solving an exercise), and transfer (e.g., explaining to other learners). Behaviors of learners on each step are measured by sensors. From the sensor signals, we estimate cognitive/affective states including also attention, interest, concentration, mental workload, and self-confidence. The estimated states will be utilized to select how to nudge learners. As the same as a cyclotron accelerates charged particles by a magnetic field, LeCycl circulates knowledge between learners.

Funding: ANR, JST, DFG

Contact : Olivier Augereau, augereau@enib.fr

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